For Da Record had the opportunity to sit down with Christian rap artist, Bryan Trejo on his recent Revival Tour. Bryan, along with his team of ministries and artists held performances throughout the United States including California, Illinois, Florida and his native state of Texas. He shared his thoughts with us regarding the outreach and its mission to reach broken souls who feel there is no hope. When it comes to his music, if he could describe it in anyway, he would explain it as “a prayer on a beat.” His songs are primarily based on ministry and outreach;  and he seeks to ensure that music does not become an idol, but rather a tool that conveys God’s message of love.

Bryan said, “I see gang members dropping their flags, dopeboys flushing their drugs and gang leaders renouncing their affiliations.” He also mentions having seen womanizers, pimps and players becoming faithful to one wife, and men with greed in their hearts choosing generosity, all evidence of how God transforms the heart.

Jbez, one of For Da Record’s co-hosts, had the chance to interview Bryan, and asked the following: “You went from making music on Worldstar [to now]. So how did you take all the attention after a loss, and then going full force into ministry? How did that impact your life?

Bryan Trejo: “I went from taking mugshots and nobody wanting to take pictures with me, but you know what, God took what the world called trash and made me feel like treasure. And for Him to make me feel loved, I want to make people feel loved. So I take 100 pictures with everybody and I love on them, but when I sign, it’s not my name, it’s the name of Jesus, and I’m nothing without Him. And everyone should know that whatever you’re doing, God has given you the increase and the glory you give to Him in all that you do. So I definitely train myself to not take that glory.”

Jbez: For young artists trying to pursue music, but desire to keep a clean heart and stay humble, what is your advice?

Bryan Trejo: The main ingredient for anybody who wants to do this . . don’t take shortcuts. Allow the process to come, because it’s in the process that you receive what you need to prepare you for the platform. When you allow yourself to be processed you gain enough maturity and character to divide the Word of God correctly with truth. Identity is the key to your success in your walk with Christ and career.

The concert ended with many souls being touched by the fire of God, marriages being restored and the message of mercy and grace being released. Many were able to experience salvation taking place as well as lives being transformed. Bryan Trejo is clearly taking Christian Hip Hop music to a whole other level.